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Electric vehicles are growing in popularity globally. Charging at scale will require new architectures and scheduling to avoid adverse effects on the electric grid while reducing capital and operating costs. However, transitioning from theory to practice requires dealing with the complexities of practical systems, which are often overlooked in our simplified theoretical models. While simple models provide insights, they can also lead to a sizable gap between theoretical results and robust, high-performance implementations of algorithms. Bridging this gap is critical to making an impact in practice, but doing so requires:
  1. Access to real-world data
  2. Detailed simulations driven by realistic models
  3. The ability to test an algorithm implementation in the field
This led us to create the Adaptive Charging Network Research Portal, ACN-Portal for short. ACN-Portal is a collection of tools to help researchers and other stakeholders understand the challenges of large-scale EV charging and develop practical solutions to those challenges.